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Eric Bouchardy

Managing Director Sipchem Europe SA

At Sipchem Europe SA, we make every effort to meet our customers' expectations. With storages located in five different countries, we serve our customers in more than twenty-three countries across Europe, Eastern countries and the Americas. Our multilingual sales, operation and logistic teams are at your disposal to provide you with the excellence of service level you require.

Ali Al-Sanea

Director Global Commercial (Polymers)

"SIPCHEM has an encouraging and motivating work environment with a positive effecting culture, that make all of us to innovate."

Abdullah M Al-Muqbil

Manager Quality Assurance Laboratory

“Sipchem is elevating the standards of excellence in all aspects by having an open mind to the initiatives of its expertise. Proud to be part of this Legacy”

Talal S. Sharahili

Engineer, Production

The company’s work culture drives innovation, fosters team spirit, and inspires excellence, making it a great workplace for both young and experienced professionals.

Reyaf Al-Namasy

Business Analyst Global Commercial (Intermediate)

At all levels of the organization, employees are proud to be part of a dynamic team that is driving change and contributing to the growth of the nation, which inspires us to demonstrate a high level of flexibility and responsibility.

Khalifa Al-Buainain

Analyst I Compliance & Product Stewardship

At Sipchem, I am constantly motivated to do my best every day, which gives me a sense of achievement and the satisfaction of knowing I have contributed to transforming lives across the world.

Josephine Lim

Operations and Admin Specialist Sipchem Asia

With Sipchem's exceptional work culture, I have the opportunity to evolve personally and professionally every day.

Adel S. Al-Salem

Senior Security Guard, Industrial Security

One of the best things about the company is that it values and acknowledges exceptional ideas and contributions and offers genuine opportunities for self-development.

Saud Al Dossary

Technician, Fire Industrial Security

My career at Sipchem has been an ongoing journey of learning and implementing new things, with endless opportunities for professional advancement.

Abdullah Al-Zoabi

Senior Operator, SAMAPCO

As one of the largest manufacturers of petrochemicals in the Middle East region, Sipchem exposes me to the latest technologies and techniques and allows me to participate in some of the most exciting projects in the industry.

Hamdan M Madu

Senior Chemist Quality Assurance Laboratory

“Team work spirit increases the competency among the employees, I can professionally execute my tasks on time”

Mustafa Fatani

Staff Analyst, Quality Assurance Compliance & Product Stewardship

“Career development and knowledge growth can easily be found in an excellent environment, Sipchem taught me the quality of life”