Doing business with Sipchem or Supplier Relationship

Since the very beginning of Sipchem, management decided to follow a robust transparent and fair process for doing business with Sipchem; this process is controlled by strict, distinctive procedures and policies.

Vendors Billing Guidelines

  1. Invoices submission should be to Accounts Payable Department through SIPCHEM AP system e-mail (sipchem[email protected] Invoices submitted to company staff e-mails will not be considered and disregarded.
  2. The invoices submitted should be in PDF files format only. Any other file type will be not be recognized by our system.
  3. Each invoice and its related supporting documents (delivery note, time sheet, work compilation certificate, …. etc.) should be in one single PDF file. Multiple files can be sent in one e-mail (please pay attention to files size). More than one invoice sent in single PDF file will not be considered by the system and will be rejected.
  4. Our Purchase Order (PO) and Service Entry Sheet (SES) / Goods Receipt (GR) numbers must be mentioned in all submitted invoices. Invoices received without PO and SES/GR numbers will be rejected.
  5. Invoices from local suppliers (in Saudi Arabia) must be in compliance with Saudi Value Added Tax (VAT) Implementing Regulations article 53 and any other articles. Invoices received that are not in compliance with VAT will be rejected.
  6. Upon invoices verifications process, the invoices may be rejected for various reasons by the End-User Department, Warehouse or by Accounts Payable Department. Vendors will receive on their registered e-mail accounts an e-mail with Rejection Notification from SIPCHEM AP System with reasons of rejection. Vendors are required to resolve the rejection reasons and then re-submit the invoice after taking the necessary corrective action.
  7. Payment of the invoices will be made according to payment terms as per the Purchase Order (PO) using your current bank account details maintained in our system. When payment is released, system payment advise will be sent to the vendor e-mails registered in our system. The payment terms will be considered from the receiving date of the invoice in the system.   
  8. Vendors are required to ensure that their e-mail accounts maintained in our system are valid and active in order to receive the Rejection Notification and the Payment Advices. You may contact SIPCHEM SRM ([email protected] to update your e-mails and contact details. 
  9. Inquires on payment status of the invoices should be addressed to the e-mail (sipchem[email protected] with list of the invoice and PO number for each invoice.