Our Values




At Sipchem, we live ‘on purpose’, we work ‘on purpose’.

What we do effects the world in thousands of positive ways, making everyday enormous.

This focuses our curiosity to contribute. That’s passion.



Having the courage of our convictions means we must forever challenge assumptions if we are to make real progress in the world. Standing up to be counted makes us feel alive as it brings us closer to new dimensions in logic and new parameters of possibility. That’s courage.


Higher Efficiencies:

Instinctively, we are resourceful people. We value assets by applying them resourcefully: our energy, our finances, our acquired knowledge and the wisdom we generate together. That’s higher efficiencies.



While one person can create an idea, it takes teams to generate movement.

By working within close teams we value the spirit of collaboration, both internally and with our partners.

Our size and strength enables reinvestments in our capabilities, in our learning and by constantly growing our goals we see originality emerge. That’s momentum.