Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility underpins our world and is tangible in our care for many who need a helping hand, including the under-privileged and disabled. Allocating 1% of annual net profits to community outreach initiatives, Sipchem's Community Services Committee oversees numerous charitable programmes prioritising the development of young people and women. Career Day, a monthly Youth Tawasul Forum and the financing of a multi-purpose training centre for women represent some of our recent endeavours benefitting society as a whole.

Our compassionate employees co-ordinate patient hospital visits across the region, blood donation campaigns as well as sizable community celebrations including fetes, flower festivals and Ramadan Breakfasts attended by more than 8000 fasting people.

Change for Good

Ever concerned about giving back, Sipchem's visionary community programme benefits from 1% of Sipchem's total net profit each year. This positively impacts the lives of under-privileged children and families through a dynamic range of health, educational, technological, economic, creative and youth initiatives across the Kingdom.

Sipchem CSR Email: [email protected]