Sipchem Shares Delight with Ha'il Orphans, coinciding with Arab Orphan Day
Saturday, January 28, 2017
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Over last Friday and Saturday (27 – 28 January 2017 AD), and in cooperation with (Refaq) Orphan Charity Organization in Ha'il, one of Sipchem’s partners in community service, Sipchem organized an entertaining festival coinciding with the celebration of the 2017-Arab Orphan  Day in the Grand Mall Ha'il, under the slogan of "Their delight is the fruit of your generosity".

The festival programs varied according to the ages of the children and participants. The festival includes many mental and physical competitions and singing shows.. Also, lots were drawn and all the participating children were given awards. Moreover, the academically outstanding orphans were honored during the festival.

Further, it is worth to mention that the festival witnessed a big turnout and its idea was admired by the audience who praised this noble gesture of the company.