Sipchem announces the starting of the electronic voting on the items of the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting Agenda (First Meeting)
Monday, May 13, 2019
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Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) is pleased to announce the start of e-voting on the Extraordinary General Assembly that will be held at 09:00 PM on Thursday 16/05/2019 at the (Ritz Carlton Hotel) in Riyadh.

All Sipchem shareholders registered in the Tadawulaty service will be able to vote electronically. Electronic voting starts at 10:00 AM on 13/05/2019G and will last until 04:00 PM on the day of the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting.

Therefore, we invite all Sipchem shareholders who to participate and vote remotely, noting that registration in Tadawulaty service and voting is provided free of charge for all shareholders via:

Sipchem wishes to clarify to its shareholders that, pursuant to Article 33(n) of the Merger and Acquisition Regulations, shareholders holding shares in both Sipchem and Sahara Petrochemical Company may not vote on the agenda items relating to the transaction, and if any of the shareholders votes on any of these agenda items in both the Extraordinary General Assembly of Sipchem and the Extraordinary General Assembly of Sahara Petrochemical Company, such shareholder’s votes shall be counted in one of the Extraordinary General Assemblies only, which will be determined by coordination between both companies.