Sahara International Petrochemical Company "Sipchem" announces the resignation of the CEO and the appointment of a new CEO
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
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Sahara International Petrochemical Company "Sipchem" announces that its Board of Directors has approved, in its meeting held on Tuesday 30 Rabi` II, 1442, corresponding to December 15, 2020, accepting the resignation of the company's CEO, Eng. Saleh M. Bahamdan, upon his request for his retirement, provided that the resignation will take effect from January 01, 2020



The Board of Directors also decided, in the same meeting held on the above mentioned date, based on the recommendation of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee, to approve the appointment of Eng. Abdullah S. Al-Saadoon as the CEO of Sipchem. Eng. Al-Saadoon will commence his role as the CEO of Sipchem as of January 01, 2020.

In this regard, the Board of Directors expressed its sincere thanks and appreciation to Eng. Saleh Bahamdan for his outstanding performance and great efforts during the period in which he assumed the position of CEO of the company, wishing him all fortuity and success. Also, the Board of Directors wishes a resounding success to Eng. Abdullah Al-Saadoon in his new role as Sipchem CEO