قروض سبكيم تتوافق بالكامل مع أحكام الشريعة الإسلامية
Monday, March 01, 2021

قامت الشركة العالمية للبوليمرات – إحدى الشركات التابعة لشركة الصحراء العالمية للبتروكيماويات – سبكيم يوم أمس الأحد 28/02/2021م  بتنفيذ اتفاقية التمويل بالمرابحة مع بنك الرياض والتي سبق الإعلان عنها ، وبذلك تصبح جميع قروض شركة سبكيم متوافقة مع أحكام الشريعة الإسلامية .

Sipchem Signs a Community Partnership Agreement with Kanaf Charitable Society
Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Sipchem,  as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities’ endeavor to expand its social programs has recently signed a joint community cooperation agreement with Kananf Charitable Society located in Eastern Province.
As per the agreement, Sipchem Employees Charitable Fund will ensure more than 300 health insurance policies covering more than 300 orphans and widows in Eastern Province particularly and the Kingdom in general .
It is noteworthy that the number of beneficiaries of Sipchem Employees Charitable Fund has reached more than 1,800 individuals under specific categories since the beginning of the partnership with the association in 2016 as the fund ensured that health insurance is provided to the beneficiaries annually in several main cities in the Kingdom.