CEO Message 


Welcome to Sipchem:

At Sipchem we believe our excellence can exist, here, there and everywhere. The boundaries of possibilities and our capabilities are only limited by the constraints which we place on ourselves. From its inception Sipchem has applied technology and innovation to our operating model. Our value systems enable us to act responsibly and effectively to fully leverage opportunities and human excellence. Through experienced leadership and strong management we have been able to re-invent the boundaries of success. Sipchem's growth ambitions are centred on our strengths and core capabilities which will drive the strategic opportunities that Sipchem will realise in coming years.

At Sipchem, operational excellence is the cornerstone of our business and responsible care is at its heart.

Sipchem's commitment to our employees, shareholders and the communities and countries where we work is to operate safely and responsibly.. We also recognized early that by delivering what our consumers want while protecting our environment and investing in our employees, we are able to achieve sustained value over time.

As such, our working environment is inclusive and diverse, supporting the development of young talent and enhancing the skills of our entire workforce. Most importantly Sipchem is a responsible member of the community, contributing to numerous community service activities, creating employment opportunities and supporting the economies of remote areas.

Our website is designed to reflect the pride, passion and courage we employ in all that we do here, there, and everywhere. As such, we invite you to explore Sipchem virtually, discovering our products and values here, there, and everywhere.


Abdullah S. Al-Saadoon